Luxury scented candles & home fragrance solutions

Luxury soy            candles

Our MA range consists of over 100 evocative Classic popular scents and a range of Designer / Celebrity fragrances and a selection of Exclusive scents too. Candle Collection ranges in sizes with XLarge & Large sizes in the popular Antique style glass Mason Jars with a resealable glass lid.

We also offer Mini Votive Giftsets and Mini Travel Tin Candles.

fragrance            diffusers

Our flame-free home fragrance solution is sure to be a new favourite with our maintenance free easy care Diffuser. Simply turn the natural cane reeds over every few days to create a fresh burst of scent within  space with your favourite fragrance.

all natural  soy wax melts

Gentle yet swift fragrance delivery with our simple to use Soy Wax Melts. Easy and maintenance free.

Just pop a cube or two into an Oil Burner (without water) or Electric Wax Warmer and the scent will envelop you for up to 16 hours! Fragrance delivery depends on your room size Versus diffuser bowl size.



Mike Anthony Artisan Candle-Maker Handcrafted Luxury Scented Candles and Home Fragrance products with a range of captivating and impressive fragrances to bring an inviting ambiance into your home, office, patio or any space!

Whether it's the energising scent of citrus, spectacular florals, luscious gourmet food, holiday destinations with exotic spices or popular fashion designer-style fine perfumes, these unique blends will envelop you and your space with a fragrant charm.

Located in the regional small country town of Gloucester, the studio handcrafts premium quality candles and home fragrance products to a World Class standard here in Australia.

Each and every candle is ethically made in small batches, is sustainable and is as natural as possible. It is lovingly crafted from the moment the glass is handpolished then handwicked and our premium quality fragrance oil blends or Essential Oils are infused into the all natural Soy Wax then carefully handpoured into each vessel.

Every product is hand labelled, inspected, polished again and then packed by hand with new recycled eco-friendly cardboard & packaging material.

Our scented Candle products have been developed over many years using the highest quality ingredients available. We use only Lead-Free natural Cotton Wicks or the sustainably sourced TimberWickTM that burn cleanly, with a wide, even melt pool and provides a soft crackling ambiance for the ultimate burning experience. They also burn Soot Free to provide long lasting fragrance delivery.

Mike Anthony Candle-Maker crafts a range of all natural Aromatherapy Candles and Products labelled for 'Calming CandleLights' that use only pure Essential Oils infused into all natural sustainable Soy Wax. Using only Lead-free Cotton Wicks that burn cleanly.

These products are suitable for those who suffer from allergies or are sensitive to certain chemicals in their environment.

Available online and from selected Stockists & Retailers.


We manufacture a range of Custom Labelled Candles for businesses wanting to retail their own brand of Candle products. Clients include Aromatherapists, Beauty & Spa Salons, Hair Salons, Luxury Guest Accommodation, Cafes and other small businesses with their own unique brand.

Our Art Department can customise a product label with your business logo for retail sales or maybe as an exclusive gift line, for clients, family, staff members or VIP's. We also craft Bespoke Scented Candles for Weddings, Events, Celebrations & Special Occasion Candles with your choice of Fragrances or a Signature Scent and custom labelled just for you!

Ask about our Bespoke Candle Service for your next event! We endeavour to deliver a premium quality product that sets a benchmark for artisan crafted Candle products and Home Fragrance Solutions.

Contact us with your suggestions or your feedback... we do listen!

Mike Anthony.


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Mike Anthony Artisan Candle-Maker

Candle Studio Gloucester Candles (Showroom)

34 Church Street, Gloucester. 2422. NSW. Australia.

Next door to the Commonwealth Bank.


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